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How Do Tax Refund Advances Work?

In return for preparing your taxes, the tax preparation service loans you the money thru a third-party bank. Loan fund options vary among tax preparers and include a prepaid card, paper check and direct deposit. Pronto Taxx offer a refund transfer account, which is a bank account in your name.

If your total refund is more than the amount of your refund advance loan, when the IRS sends the full refund amount, the preparer keeps the amount of your loan and gives you the difference on your prepaid card or as a direct deposit. Most preparers will take the cost of preparing your taxes out of the refund advance amount. So the actual amount you receive will be the loan minus the cost of preparing your taxes.


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Funds are typically available on a prepaid card within 24 hours of filing your taxes. For those who chose direct deposit, funds can take one to five business days to be available in your account.

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According to the IRS 90% of returns done using electronic filing, called efiling, are processed in three weeks. Paper returns that are mailed in take from six to eight weeks. The sooner you file, of course, the faster you’re likely to get your refund. So, a refund advance loan can net you some money in-hand sooner than later.

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