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Tax deadline – Pronto Taxx , the looming IRS tax deadline may be stressful for many Americans. .. 69% of people attribute their stress to money and 65% report that work is a cause of stress, interrelated issues that are highlighted for many during the tax-filing process. Filing your return and paying any tax due by January 31 […]

Last Minute Tax Day Tips – Pronto Taxx

Last Minute Tax Day – Pronto taxx Filing Tips File digitally. Save time, money and stress by filing online on Tax Day. The IRS recommends it and points out that electronic tax return submissions actually have fewer errors, Last Minute Tax Day Tips – Pronto Taxx, so you’re filing a more accurate return, too. You’ll get […]

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Tax Refund Advances

How Do Tax Refund Advances Work? In return for preparing your taxes, the tax preparation service loans you the money thru a third-party bank. Loan fund options vary among tax preparers and include a prepaid card, paper check and direct deposit. Pronto Taxx offer a refund transfer account, which is a bank account in your [...]